Asbestos removal in London

Here is an asbestos removal job in London we recently completed. This London garden had an outbuilding containing asbestos. We safely removed the roof sheets and then correctly removed the side walls. All material was safely dismantled and removed from the property; prior to the correct and legally compliant disposal of the asbestos containing waste.

We complete an awful lot of our asbestos removal work in London as we are very cost effective and have a reputation for delivery an exceptional asbestos removal service. It is always worth undertaking an asbestos survey before you begin any refurbishment or demolition work like this.

Many outbuildings and sheds contain asbestos material; usually in the corrugated roof sheeting or within insulation. This is usually white asbestos (chrysotile) and needs careful removal and correct disposal.

You can see from the pictures our work in progress, and the lovely, safe space our customer was left with after!

We have a long history on working with asbestos removal in London and in conjunction with any of your refurbishment or demolition projects. Please give us a call or email and we can talk to you further.

Asbestos removal London garden building
London garden after asbestos outbuilding removal

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