Asbestos removal in London

Our asbestos removal in London service is without doubt our most popular. Being based just down the M3 in Southampton we are able to offer a fast and cost effective service to all London businesses and private households. It is important that during any refurbishment or demolition projects that all any asbestos or asbestos containing products are identified and an action plan is put in place to mitigate and ensure safe handling, removal or protection during and after your project.

When you are looking for an asbestos removal contractor please don’t get caught out by any cowboys. Don’t put your safety, your workers or the public at risk from inexperienced, unprofessional or outright cowboy contractors.

There are serious legal consequences for you if you fail to identify, handle and remove asbestos safely. Make sure you are not only compliant, but that you can fully evidence this.

We have a long history on working with asbestos removal in London and in conjunction with any of your refurbishment or demolition projects. Please give us a call or email and we can talk to you further.

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Below are some images from our asbestos removals in London work projects.

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