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Don’t just take our word for how important it is to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to identifying and then safely dealing with or removing asbestos. You only need to do a quick Google for asbestos removal fines and prosecutions to see the serious consequences that can occur from not doing what you should do.

Some of the highest profile cases have involved some of the biggest names in the UK. Back in 2011 Marks and Spencer were fined £1,000,000 pounds for 2 proven incidents of failing to ensure Health and Safety at work for it’s staff due to actions around potential ceiling asbestos dust. To read more on this case see:

Here is an example of an East London Council being fined £66,000 for failing to control employees exposure to asbestos in their town hall basement. Ensuring a full asbestos survey and the a subsequent management plan; that may or may not include asbestos removal could have helped prevent an incident like this:

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