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    Don’t fall the wrong side of the law when disposing of your asbestos…

    Take the first step to solving your asbestos contamination and removal problems. We are a fully registered waste carrier by the Environment Agency. Asbestos is a regulated product, that needs specialist handling and disposal.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a full range of asbestos removal contracting for private, commercial, industrial and public sector.

    We are based in Southampton, Hampshire and cover the whole South Coast region.

    We specialise in providing asbestos surveying in London, and the vast majority of our asbestos removal work takes place in London.

    Put simply, it’s the law! Failure to comply can have serious consequences.

    Not dealing and handling asbestos and asbestos containing products in the correct manner can risk workers and members of the public health.

    Yes. It is heavily regulated with certain rules for regulated and non-regulated asbestos removal.

    Our surveying service helps to understand what can be undertaken as non-regulated asbestos removal (this still requires registered and professional asbestos management companies) and what requires a full regulated service.

    You can find all our contact details on our contact page. On top of our normal office hours operation we do operate a 24/7 emergency asbestos service.

    Every project is unique. We can use our experience and expertise in asbestos removal to ensure your project benefits.

    The best and quickest way to answer this question is for you to get in-touch with us now.

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